CAT6 UTP indoor unshielded network cable

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Product description/ PRODUCT

CAT6 UTP indoor unshielded network cable

Product Structure/ PRODUCT

● Conductor: solid oxygen-free copper, Φ0.575mm ± 0.01mm. 
● Insulation: New HDPE, Φ1.00 ± 0.05mm. 
● cross: yes. 
●sheath: new PVC or LSZH LSZH flame retardant. 
● cable pairs color code: blue and white / blue and orange white / orange green white / green brown white / brown. 
● Number of pairs: 8-core 4 pairs of twisted pair

Technical parameters/ PRODUCT

● Resistance: (f = 1-100MHZ) 100 ± 15%. 
● Delay deviation: (max) 45ns / 100m. 
● Rated transfer rate (NVP): 66%. 
● Bending radius: (min) 8 times the outer diameter. 
● Tensile strength: (max) 400N. 
● Temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ +75 ℃

Executive Standard/ PRODUCT

● ANST / TTA / ETL-568-B, YD / T1019-2001

Product Application/ PRODUCT

Indoor cabling, digital communications with the level of twisted pair cables, used in the building cabling system work area communication leads and patch panels between the distribution between the wiring, and residential cabling system, the user terminal leads to the distribution frame Between the wiring. Using the center cross PE skeleton separation of four separate pairs of design, reliable and excellent electrical transmission performance, enhanced bandwidth and signal to noise margin. Satisfy the 250MHz channel broadband communications, the maximum transmission rate of 1000Mbps.