MU Fiber optic patch cord

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Product description/ PRODUCT

MU Fiber optic patch cord

Product Feature/ PRODUCT

★Out Jacket Material: OFNR、LSZH、OFNP
★Fiber patch cord structure:Simplex,Duplex,Bunch type,Ribbon type.
★Compatible with ROHS

Fiber Optic Cable/ PRODUCT

★Optional Fiber Cables:OS2,OM2,OM1,OM3,OM4

Packing/ PRODUCT

★oly bags packing for each
★Packing with label

Technical Standard/ PRODUCT

★IL Rate conformity:IEC 61300-3-4
★RL Rate conformity :IEC61300-3-6
★End face Geometrical size:
curvityradius :7 ~ 25mm
Apex offset:0 ~ 50um
Fiber dent:+50 ~ -100
★Mechanical properties:
Plugging times: 500 times<0.2dB

Environment Technical requests/ PRODUCT

Transport & Storage environment: -40℃to+85℃
Operation environment: -20℃to+75℃