LC Duplex Adapter

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Product description/ PRODUCT

Fiber optic adapters (also known as flanges, couplers) are fiber optic mating connectors for flexible connectors, including FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MU, and products for interfacing to each other such as ST-SC, FC -ST, widely used in optical distribution frame (ODF), optical fiber communications equipment, instrumentation, etc., stable and reliable performance.

Product Specifications/ PRODUCT

● Insert loss<=0.2dB.
● Durability (500 Mating): 0.2dB Max Increase.
● Operating Temperature: -40° C~85°C.
● Storage Temperature: -40° C~85°C.


Product Features / PRODUCT

● Square cutouts.
● Polymer/metal outer body.
● Panel clip for easy installation.
● Increase panel density and quick plug in installation.
● Meet Bellcore GR-326 standard.


Applications/ PRODUCT

● Telecommunication.
● LAN & WAN.
● Network.
● Broadband.