ST Adapter

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Product description/ PRODUCT

Fiber optic adapter (also called flange, coupler) is a fiber optic connector docking components, including FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MU and switching between products such as ST-SC, FC-ST etc., are widely used in optical distribution frame (ODF), optical fiber communication equipment, instrumentation, stable and reliable performance.

Specification/ PRODUCT

●Insert loss<=0.2dB.。
●Durability (500 Mating): 0.2dB Max Increase.
●Operating Temperature: -40° C~85°C.
●Storage Temperature: -40° C~85°C.

Features/ PRODUCT

●Square cutouts.
●Polymer/metal outer body..
●Panel clip for easy installation.
●Increase panel density and quick plug in installation.
●Meet Bellcore GR-326 standard.

Applications/ PRODUCT