2in 2out Vertical Splice Closure

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Product description/ PRODUCT

2in 2out Vertical Splice Closure

Characteristic/ PRODUCT

Innovative design, manufacturing and material, excellent sealing technology, ensure the reliability and stability of. For optical fiber directly, termination or differences continue to provide reliable protection, solid, flexible.

Performance/ PRODUCT

●Durability: has good stability to heat, heat radiation, air, ozone etc.
●Corrosion resistance: there is a strong resistance to dilute acid, salt, oxidant, fatty hydrocarbon.
●The sealing technology: using repeatable opening type sealing components, in order to ensure the air tightness good waterproof performance.
●Mechanical properties: the ability to endure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, cable tension and twist, strong temperature change etc.
●The locking device: no need of special tools, which is convenient for installation and repeated opening.
●Different functions: 2 enter 2, import and export design.
●Subsequent function: adopting stacked flip type structure, operating without disassembly of other splice plate.

Capacity/ PRODUCT

●Splice tray capacity: single core bundle 12 per plate core, dual core bundle 24 per plate core.
●The maximum capacity of cable: Cable outlet port diameter were 1.5mm.
●The maximum capacity of 4 connecting plate, a maximum of 96 core.

The scope of application/ PRODUCT

●for outdoor cable overhead, pipeline, direct buried laying through.
●the connection and differences of continuous, and to protect the joint role.

Main technical parameters/ PRODUCT

●environment temperature: - 40℃ ~ +60℃.
●atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106KPa.
●tensile strength: > 1000N.
●the anti pressure: the pressure higher than 2000N/10cm2, time 1min.
●insulation resistance: > 2 × 104M.
●compressive strength: 15KV (DC) /1min no breakdown, no arc.