8208 Ethernet Media Converter

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Product description/ PRODUCT

HX-8208 media convector is used for the exchanging between Ethernet and fiber. The machine comprises 2 Ethernet port and 2 fiber port, and expanded the LAN cable transmission distance from 100 meters to 2 kilometers. It realized the inter connections between different telecom equipment and widely been used in Telecommunication, CATV, Bandwidth network, CCTV where demands high performance and reliability network environment.

Characteristics/ PRODUCT

· Special used for exchanging between Ethernet LAN cable and Fiber.
· Special made chip with low consumption, supporting over longtime frame.
· Superior Photoelectric integrated module which provide good optical and electrical performance.
· Ensure the reliability of data transmitting, long operating life span.
· Support Internal and External:1.5U rack mount, optional installation method.
·Average of No trouble working time to 50000 hours, meet the ITU-T standard.
· Integrated after selling services, 3 years warranty, lifetime Maintenance Service.

Technical Parameters/ PRODUCT

· Standard: IEEE 802.3 10BaseT,IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX,100Base-FX,IEEE 802.3z/AB 1000Base-T/SX/LX/ZX.
· Interface: Twisted pair cable: RJ45; Fiber: SC/ST/FC.
· 1000 base LED:PWR, FX 100,FX Link/Act,FDX,TX 100,TX Link/Act.
· Transmission Speed: LAN cable: 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1000Mbps.Fiber:1000Mbps.
· Duplex Way: Ethernet duplex or half duplex.
· Flow control: Full duplex IIEEE 802.3x flow control: Half duplex back flow control.
· LAN Cable: Category 5, Category 5E, Category 6.
· Fiber Type: Single mode 8.3/125,8.7/125,9/125,10 /125u
· Power:AC:110v-240v wide voltage input,50Hz;DC:12V 0.5A(Compatible 5-19V,6W),equipped with USA, British, Europe, Austria total 4 types changeable plug.
· Environment Temperature:-20~65℃.
· Storage Temperature:-20~70℃.
· Humidity:5%~90%.
· Size:86×48×22mm (H×D×W).

Compliance / PRODUCT

· IEEE 802.3 Ethernet.
· IEEE 802.3U Ethernet.
· IEEE 802.3ab Ethernet.
· IEEE 802.3z Ethernet.
· IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree.

Application / PRODUCT

· Inter cities fiber optic network: Applied in telecom and CATV data network operators.
· Bandwidth application: Applied in Financial, governmental, oil, railway, power grid, transportation, education special networks.
· Data transmission: image, voice, data comprehensive transmission, applicable for remote education, video conference, CCTV surveillance control signal, image and data simultaneous transmission.