HX-1V Video Optical Multiplexer 

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Product description/ PRODUCT

HX-1V 1way video optical multiplexer adopts the non compressed digital optical transmission mode, non compressed video and a reverse control signal in accordance with national broadcast standards in a core fiber transmission of a road. No matter how complicated the light in the transmission link, the digital optical transceiver has the ability to ensure the transmission index of high quality audio and video signals.

Product features / PRODUCT

 All surface sealing device. Aluminum alloy 18 inch chassis, independent machine box Support hot plug. The use of switching power supply select FC, ST or SC optical interface.
 No electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI) and common ground loop.
 The non compressed digital video encoding, 8BIT and 10BIT quantitative ratings.
 Signal interface rich: such as the configuration of the video, data, audio, telephone, network, switch, intercom can be flexible.
 The 1310nm series and the 1550nm wavelength, the typical maximum optical allows the chain loss was 30dB.
 Digital optical transceiver series plug-in and independent structure of two kinds of.
 Independent type transmitter (including 1U chassis and independent) used independently, without a chassis.
 The card type transmitter as the center, with eighteen slot chassis.

The product application scope/ PRODUCT

 Urban traffic control system.
 Public security, safety monitoring system.
 The highway toll system security.
 The building, campus network Industrial monitoring (chemical, steel, petroleum, railway, water conservancy, mines and so on).
 Military monitoring (warehouse, border guards, defense, etc.).
 Electric field, television program transmission.

Technical parameters/ PRODUCT

Video parameters

Video input / output impedance: 75Ohm (unbalanced).
Standard video input / output voltage: 1.0Vp-p Type.
Video voltage range: 0.6~ 2.0Vp-p Type.
Differential gain (10%-90% APL): < ± 1%type.
Differential phase (10%-90% APL): < ± 1 ° type.
Signal to noise ratio: >65dB (weighted) (8Bit); >70dB (weighted) (10Bit).
Channel physical interface: BNC.

Data parameters

Data format: RS232, RS422, RS485, code, BIPHASE.
Data rate: 0 ~ 300kbps.
Error: 10-9.
Channel physical interface: Standard Phoenix terminals.

Ethernet parameters

Channel physical interface: the standard RJ-45 seat.
Data transfer rate: 10/100Mbps.
Working mode: full duplex or half duplex mode.

Phone parameters

Signal physical interface: the standard RJ-11 seat.
Speech bandwidth : 8kHz.
Working way: point to point line, program-controlled switches / extension mode.
Distortion: <1%.
SNR: > 95dB.

Switching parameters

The physical interface terminal.
Signal input: any active or passive alarm, switch input, TTL, RS232/485 or passive switch, button.
The signal output: any active or passive alarm, switch output, TTL, RS-232/485 or relay contact output.
Channel physical interface: Standard Phoenix terminals.

Optical parameters

Wavelength: 1310nm&1470nm ~ 1610nm.
Fiber type: 50/125u multimode 62.5/125u multimode 9/125u single mode.
Typical optical output power: 8 ~ 3dBm.
Typical receiver sensitivity: 30 dBm.
Optical interface: FC, ST, SC (optional).

Conventional parameters

Power supply: the chassis power supply (170V ~ 240V AC adaptive).
Working temperature: - 35 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.
Humidity: 0 to 95% no condensation.
Size (card transmitting / receiving module): 125x28x104mm.

Indicator light:

Power indicator: green - power is connected to normal light. It's not normal.
Light path indicator: green - light path is not normal, green light flashes. The path of light is not bright.
Data indicator: green - data transmission, indicator light flashing.
Video indicator light: green (with light path indicator) - video input or output green light. No, no, no.
Ethernet light: network normal - the upper left corner of the screen is bright. The upper right hand corner of the access network line is bright. The data transmission is normal, the upper left corner of the screen flashes.