HX-16V Video Optical Multiplexer

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Product description/ PRODUCT

HX-16V 16way video optical multiplexer adopts the non compressed digital optical transmission mode, non compressed video and a reverse control signal in accordance with national broadcast standards in a core fiber transmission of a road. No matter how complicated the light in the transmission link, the digital optical transceiver has the ability to ensure the transmission index of high quality audio and video signals.

Product feature/ PRODUCT

● All surface sealing device. Aluminum alloy 18 inch chassis, independent machine box Support hot plug. The use of switching power supply select FC, ST or SC optical interface.
● No electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI) and common ground loop.
● The non compressed digital video encoding, 8BIT and 10BIT quantitative ratings.
● Signal interface rich: such as the configuration of the video, data, audio, telephone, network, switch, intercom can be flexible.
● The 1310nm series and the 1550nm wavelength, the typical maximum optical allows the chain loss was 30dB.
● Digital optical transceiver series plug-in and independent structure of two kinds of.
● Independent type transmitter (including 1U chassis and independent) used independently, without a chassis.
● The card type transmitter as the center, with eighteen slot chassis.

The product application scope/ PRODUCT

● Urban traffic control system.
● Public security, safety monitoring system.
● The highway toll system security.
● The building, campus network Industrial monitoring (chemical, steel,petroleum, railway, water conservancy, mines and so on).
● Military monitoring (warehouse, border guards, defense, etc.).
● Electric field, television program transmission.

Technical parameters/ PRODUCT

Video parameters
●Video input / output impedance: 75Ohm (unbalanced).
●Standard video input / output voltage: 1.0Vp-p Type.
●Video voltage range: 0.6~ 2.0Vp-p Type.
●Differential gain (10%-90% APL): < ± 1%type.
●Differential phase (10%-90% APL): < ± 1 ° type.
●Signal to noise ratio: >65dB (weighted) (8Bit); >70dB (weighted) (10Bit).
●Channel physical interface: BNC.
Data parameter
●Data format: RS232, RS422, RS485, code, BIPHASE.
●Data rate: 0 ~ 300kbps.
●Error: 10-9.
●Channel physical interface: Standard Phoenix terminals.
 Audio parameters
●Audio input / output impedance: 600 Ohm (unbalanced).
●Audio input / output voltage: 4.0Vp-p.
●Frequency response: 10 ~ 20kHz.
●Total harmonic distortion: <0.05%.
●SNR: > 95dB (weighted).
●Channel physical interface: Standard Phoenix terminals.
Ethernet parameters
●Channel physical interface: the standard RJ-45 seat.
●Data transfer rate: 10/100Mbps.
●Working mode: full duplex or half duplex mode.
Phone parameters
●Signal physical interface: the standard RJ-11 seat.
●Speech bandwidth -:8kHz.
●Working way: point to point line, program-controlled switches / extension mode.
●Distortion: <1%.
●SNR: > 95dB.
Switching parameters
●The physical interface terminal.
●Signal input: any active or passive alarm, switch input, TTL, RS232/485 or passive switch, button.
●The signal output: any active or passive alarm, switch output, TTL, RS-232/485 or relay contact output.
●Channel physical interface: Standard Phoenix terminals.
Optical parameters
●Wavelength: 1310nm&1470nm ~ 1610nm.
●Fiber type: 50/125u multimode 62.5/125u multimode 9/125u single mode.
●Typical optical output power: 8 ~ 3dBm.
●Typical receiver sensitivity: 30 dBm.
●Optical interface: FC, ST, SC (optional).
Conventional parameters
●Power supply: the chassis power supply (170V ~ 240V AC adaptive).
●Working temperature: - 35 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.
●Humidity: 0 to 95% no condensation.
●Size (card transmitting / receiving module): 250*45*483mm.