HX Growth Genes

  • Product Quality

    Product quality is the root why HX has a longstanding reputation from customers. We insist on qualified raw materials, leading technology and strictly QC inspection to ensure our products meet or exceed the industry standard. Customers can reliable to buy and use.

  • Production Equipment

    Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. We have been using domestic and international most advanced manufacturing equipment to produce our products. To ensure that the product quality and meanwhile production efficiency is improved,which greatly shorten the lead time.

  • Engineering &Technology

    We have been working with world top-notch industrial design team who exceed customer needs-oriented, with an international vision to develop the world's leading performance products. Now 12 types products win global prize

  • Customer Service

    We always serve our customers with enthusiasm, honesty, quickness and altruism, and continuously we improve our service standard to provide our customers a pleasant and surprising feed backs before selling,during selling or after selling.

HX optical cable, leading in technology, best in service

The latest 100G solution

Path Cord Workshop Overview

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  • Life span warranty more than 25 years>>
  • <<World’s first class manufacturing equipment and technology processes
  • 2 different colored strips on both cable sides which difficult to copy >>
  • <<Designated brand for majority government projects

HX manufacturing goes towards the world!

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