Shenzhen Hanxin Communication Cable Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Hanxin Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. have no equity relationship. The legal person of Guangzhou Hanxin Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. re-registered Guangzhou Hanxin Communication Optical Cable Co., Ltd. in 2015 and registered HANXIN in 2016 LOGO Shenzhen Hanxin Communication Cable Co., Ltd. is the largest and most advanced well-known enterprise in the non-listed optical cable enterprises in South China. The registered trademark used in the production of optical fiber cables and communication equipment is the HX icon. Please pay attention to the screening.

Shenzhen Hanxin Communication Cable Co., the earliest high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of optical fiber cables in South China. Since its establishment, it has been acclaimed by users with high quality, perfect service and advanced technology. The company has more than 80 of today's most advanced high-speed fiber optic cable production lines, and the world's most advanced optical fiber jumper production line. In every aspect of production, the quality inspection will be carried out by Hanson Optical Cable to confirm that 100% of the optical fiber cables of the factory meet the quality standards. Some major projects, users specify the requirements of the use of fiber optic cable.

In recent years, our company has received the user and the construction unit to reflect the cable quality problems, such as: skin cracking; slow speed; signal intermittent; broken fibers in the cable and so on, after a little identification can be found to be other Unscrupulous companies to recycle plastic plus waste optical fiber production of low-quality fiber posing as Hanxin fiber optic cable. In order to protect the rights and interests of us and users, Hanxin has co-extruded a two-color machine head cable since January 2007, and a blue color bar is visible on the finished outdoor optical cable (except for LSZH LSZH jacketing materials) . At the end of 2014, the company introduced the same high-speed optical fiber cable production line as the Corning company in the United States. The outer optical fiber cable produced by the company has two red and blue color stripes on the outer skin. Please check the product appearance and test report carefully when receiving the optical cable Found the problem, please contact with my company. My company is also collecting information on the infringement, the counterfeit of my company's bad behavior and violations, to take the relevant legal measures to crack down.

Victim companies cheated Case::

1, Customers who buy HanShin optical cable through the internet can find the trade company and workshop with the similar name of Shenzhen HanXin Communication Optical Cable Co., Ltd., or the homophonic sound system. After being cheated, they buy inferior optical cable.
2, asked to see the factory's customers were brought to a workshop-style factory that is a factory of fiber optic cable. (Reminder: Important items, users must personally experience the factory)
3, the construction unit through the trading company to buy counterfeit Hanix optical cable, engineering inspection was detected when the optical cable has serious quality problems, the user requests to re-cable, and compensation for the delay in construction costs , The construction unit failed to sue the seller after the claim to the court. The court required the construction unit to submit the optical cable to a third-party authority for submission before being adjudicated. However, the third-party inspection agency did not accept the optical cable to be inspected for submission, resulting in the construction unit unable to prove its evidence and swallow the consequences.
4, the boss of counterfeit business buyers to buy high rebates to buy construction units, engineering supervision, posing as low-quality fiber optic cable Hanixin, after the incident buyer to destroy the procurement contract and other evidence from the self-prosecution but not able to prove the construction unit.
5. Counterfeit enterprises use the optical fiber cable produced by Shenzhen Hanson Communication Optical Cable Co., Ltd. as a sample to cheat the buyer's trust and then supply the Hanxin optical fiber cable with inferior optical cable. The responsible person of the construction unit failed to inspect the site on site, resulting in economic damage, Delay in the duration