A letter from CEO

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for your concerns to our company and congratulate you on discovering a cable manufacturer with a history of nearly 20 years. I have been engaged in optical fiber and optical cable industry for many years. And I visited many customers over different countries. All of them are very warm and friendly. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to provide products and service to them. In the meanwhile, I heard some cases many customers suffered huge economic losses after purchasing goods from some other Chinese companies, which drives me to write this letter with the wish to helping you.

These suppliers found online by customers turn out to be fraudulent companies. Some fraudsters registered websites on the Internet to disguise as manufacturers. After customers finished the payment of the goods, these companies disappeared forever. As overseas buyers, it is not easy for them to report the case, let alone getting back their money. It is estimated that 6% of customers have suffered such loss.

The second situation is that the supplier is real, but his/her employee asks the overseas buyer to transfer the payment to another company bank account, or to another private company account with a similar name to the supplier for some reasons. When he/she receives the payment, he/she resigns and disappears immediately. The corresponding customer comes to China to report the case to the police, but the possibility of retrieving the loss was nearly zero. Therefore, when you make the payment, please pay much more attention to the Beneficiary bank account. The sales staff in formal and professional factories will use the enterprise mailboxes to contact with customers. If you find salespersons contact with you through a private mailbox or start with an enterprise mailbox with a sudden switch to his own private mailbox after establishing some mutual trusts with you, you have to be alert to these actions. It is estimated that 18% of customers have suffered such loss.

 The third case: These suppliers found online by customers are trading companies. As we all know, trading companies get their profit from price difference between buying and selling. Compared with the big price difference, the greatest risk is that you never know which factories these trading companies would place orders to. There were some overseas customers who were led to visiting factories under the guidance of trading companies and told that the factories belonged to these trading companies. After the visit, customers were satisfied with the factory equipment and management. While driven by profit, these trading companies placed these orders to some small workshops with much larger price differences, which resulted in huge differences between these received products and confirmed samples. Even worse, the products could not be accepted by their subscribers or returned to China. It is estimated that 35% of customers have suffered such loss.

The fourth case: These suppliers found by customers are small and informal workshops. Due to these workshops are lack of professional tech and equipped with rudimentary production equipment operated by only several persons. Equipment in these workshops is unqualified, abandoned by formal factories or modified machine from some power cable factories. In order to compete with formal and professional factories, these small workshops would produce optical fiber cable with recycled jacket material made from power cables, slippers and these unqualified fibers eliminated by optical fiber factory. For example, now the G652D fiber costs 12USD/KM, while the abandoned G652D fiber costs less than 2USD/KM. Once used this kind of optical cable produced from this kind of recycled material and waste fiber, the jacket would break out after a couple of months or years, Meanwhile the fibers are with problems of easy breaking, narrow bandwidth, big loss, and non-uniform size. They could also be easily broken during distribution or could not fuse well. In most cases, payment should be done before delivery in foreign trade business, while customers realized that received products could not be workable. They could not get help even if they reported it to the Chinese Embassy in their own countries. Also, after receiving the payment, some irregular companies went bankrupt because of poor management. It is estimated that 38% of customers have suffered such loss.

The last case: Some international fraudsters stole the password of the salesperson's email box and sent fake factory bank account information to the buyer in the name of the salesperson to get the buyer's payment. I have an Israeli customer. When making the first payment, he requested our salesman to print the bank account and hold this printed document during a video call. After he got confirmed, he did the payment. Nowadays many cheaters steal company email passwords and send fake payment accounts to the buyers. Finally, these payments are transferred to other countries. If a subsequent email from the factory notices you of changing the beneficiary bank account, a video confirmation for you is strongly suggested.

Thank you for your time to read this letter. I believe I could help you by listing these cases. If you have any suggestions or questions about our company, please email me at any time. My email address is: CEO@szhanxin.com

Best wishes!

General Manager
Guo Jian