Optical cable sheathing longitudinal slicing machine
For optical cable sheathing mechanical physical performance test, it is necessary to realize vertical and half optical cable sheath cutting, artificial sawing cannot straight and low efficiency

Optical cable high temperature test chamber
Low temperature test chamber simulates high and low temperature environment, widely used to determine the electrical and electronic products adaptability to high and low temperature environment (especially the electrical and mechanical properties of the product changes, also it can be used to check the sample to withstand some corrosion ability)

Test optical cable high and low temperature test chamber
This instrument is used to test the optical fiber cable sheathing materials in the high temperature and low temperature constant or cyclic continuous temperature changes in the environment. To testing how it could withstand the extent and shrinkage physical reaction to test the performance and reliability indicators

Test outdoor optical cable tensile strength instrument
Through the optical cable tensile analysis Effective control of the tube extra length, it can co-ordinate the factors that stretch the tensile fiber optical fiber to ensure that the tensile strength of optical fiber cable to meet the standard requirements

Test optical fiber grease viscosity (water bath Chamber)
Test optical fiber grease viscosity (water bath)

cable impact tester
Test cable impact tester is mainly tested under the impact of optical cable changes in the physical properties of slow

Test Optical Cable Moisture analyzer
Test Optical Cable Moisture analyzer is a commonly used testing equipment which can detect various types of organic and inorganic solids, liquids, gases and other samples of water content.

Optical Cable Torsion Test
The tester is mainly used for optical fiber and optical cable for torsional strength testing

Cable constant temperature water tank (environmental stress cracking resistance )
Environmental stress cracking tester for the determination of ethylene-based resin and plastic optical cable stress cracking resistance

Test cable vibration Tester
wire current is very large, the electromagnetic force generated is great, the force between the wires, the wire will make the phenomenon of vibration, the purpose of the test is to know the optical cable in a strong current environment, the magnetic effect

Test optical cable printing wear-resistant
optical fiber printing wear test machine for all types of fiber optic cable products markings, printing of the wear resistance test

Test Optical Cable Density
Cable Density Tester, a cable particle hydrometer is a leading solid density measurement instrument with high accuracy and repeat ability. It is fast and easy to measure the density of solids in various shapes

Test Optical Cable Flattening
The purpose of this test is to determine the ability of the optical cable to withstand flattening

Test optical cable temperature sink
optical cable temperature sink tester for AC and DC voltage, insulation resistance, capacitance increase rate of immersion test temperature changes

Test cable repeated bending tester
Repeated bending test machine is to detect metal wire bending in the repeated tests to show the defects of the test equipment

Test flash point of the cable
is under the laboratory conditions, the experimental flame caused by the ignition of the cable sample vapor, and flame spread to the lowest temperature of the cable surface, the purpose of studying the changing law of the mixed liquid flash

Indoor Fiber cable strain tensile tester