2in 2out Vertical Splice Closure

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Product description/ PRODUCT

2in 2out Vertical Splice Closure

Characteristic/ PRODUCT

Innovative design, manufacturing and material, excellent sealing technology, ensure the reliability and stability of. For optical fiber directly, termination or differences continue to provide reliable protection, solid, flexible.

Performance/ PRODUCT

●Durability: has good stability to heat, heat radiation, air, ozone etc.
●Corrosion resistance: there is a strong resistance to dilute acid, salt, oxidant, fatty hydrocarbon.
●The sealing technology: using repeatable opening type sealing components, in order to ensure the air tightness good waterproof performance.
●Mechanical properties: the ability to endure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, cable tension and twist, strong temperature change etc.
●The locking device: no need of special tools, which is convenient for installation and repeated opening.
●Different functions: 2 enter 2, import and export design.
●Subsequent function: adopting stacked flip type structure, operating without disassembly of other splice plate.

Capacity/ PRODUCT

●Splice tray capacity: single core bundle 12 per plate core, dual core bundle 24 per plate core.
●The maximum capacity of cable: Cable outlet port diameter were 1.5mm.
●The maximum capacity of 4 connecting plate, a maximum of 96 core.

The scope of application/ PRODUCT

●for outdoor cable overhead, pipeline, direct buried laying through.
●the connection and differences of continuous, and to protect the joint role.

Main technical parameters/ PRODUCT

●environment temperature: - 40℃ ~ +60℃.
●atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106KPa.
●tensile strength: > 1000N.
●the anti pressure: the pressure higher than 2000N/10cm2, time 1min.
●insulation resistance: > 2 × 104M.
●compressive strength: 15KV (DC) /1min no breakdown, no arc.

Customer evaluation/ PRODUCT



I’ve been to Hanxin’s factory before, it’s really pretty, also it was as clean and as tidy as the Japanese and German factory.


Mac Donald

Dublin reland
I sent inquiries to different factories, only Hanxin’s Cindy replied to me as quick and as professional as possible. She answered the doubts that I had in mind and provided the help that I needed. The information given was very clear and the pricing was reasonable. The quality of the products that we received are the same as the ones that they advertised, perfect! Hanxin is a great company, I don’t usually complement people this way.



United Kingdom
The quality of your products are not bad, on the other hand ,the packaging is perfect.


William Dinh

Hanxin has a huge range of different products, excellent staff and delivery time. I had a good time doing business with them.



Sao Paulo Brazil
The product looks great, very nice. In recent years I have purchased thousands of these and till none of them needs repairing.



I took a special case, my customer provided drawings and samples first, I sent these requests to many Chinese factories, they refused me for various reasons, only Wendy of Hanxin arranged colleagues in the design department to help me draw and confirm the specifications and parameters. In the end I successfully obtained this order, and won the customer's long-term cooperative relationship. Deeply thanks to Hanxin!