FTP CAT5E indoor single shielded cable

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Product description/ PRODUCT

FTP CAT5E indoor single shielded cable

Product Structure/ PRODUCT

● Conductor: solid oxygen-free copper, Φ0.5mm ± 0.01mm. 
● Insulation: New HDPE, Φ0.91 ± 0.05mm. 
● Shield: overall shield (aluminum foil). 
● sheath: new PVC or LSZH flame retardant LSZH. 
● Cable Pairs color code: White / Blue & Blue White / Orange & Orange White / Green & Green White / Brown & Brown. 
● Number of pairs: 8-core 4 pairs of twisted pair.

Product Structure/ PRODUCT

● Resistance: (f = 1-100MHZ) 100 ± 15%. 
● Delay deviation: (max) 40ns / 100m. 
● Rated transfer rate (NVP): 72%. 
● Tensile strength: (max) 250N. 
● Temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ +75 ℃.

Executive Standard/ PRODUCT

● TIA / EIA-568, YD / T1019-2001.

Product Application/ PRODUCT

Indoor cable distribution is suitable for the environment of electromagnetic interference and data security requirements . High transmission rate network applications. Transmission of signals up to 100MHz, a cable with better performance than Cat.5, improved specifications such as NEXT, PS-ELFEXT, Atten and support duplex applications.

Customer evaluation/ PRODUCT



I’ve been to Hanxin’s factory before, it’s really pretty, also it was as clean and as tidy as the Japanese and German factory.


Mac Donald

Dublin reland
I sent inquiries to different factories, only Hanxin’s Cindy replied to me as quick and as professional as possible. She answered the doubts that I had in mind and provided the help that I needed. The information given was very clear and the pricing was reasonable. The quality of the products that we received are the same as the ones that they advertised, perfect! Hanxin is a great company, I don’t usually complement people this way.



The quality of your products are not bad, on the other hand ,the packaging is perfect.


William Dinh

Hanxin has a huge range of different products, excellent staff and delivery time. I had a good time doing business with them.



United Kingdom
I have purchased from many optical cable factories in China a few years ago, all kinds of quality problems have been disturbing, later on I went to Hanxin's factory. I saw they had good production equipment and testing equipment. And saw that they have carried out quality inspections in every process from the raw materials entering the factory to the production. Meanwhile all orders can be tracked. Since then, I thought it is a very professional factory. For these two years, Hanxin did not let me down!



I took a special case, my customer provided drawings and samples first, I sent these requests to many Chinese factories, they refused me for various reasons, only Wendy of Hanxin arranged colleagues in the design department to help me draw and confirm the specifications and parameters. In the end I successfully obtained this order, and won the customer's long-term cooperative relationship. Deeply thanks to Hanxin!